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I have a new book out for sale at amazon.com.  It is in paperback version and kindle.  It is called “The Incident:  The Punitive Expedition of 1916.”  Even if you do not like my writing buy it for the 255 plus pictures of #3 Trucking company, airplances before WWI and some information.  Go to http://facebook.com/theincidentbook and like it or not.  http://theincident.us and you can send my comments about it at steve@author.theincident.us


new thing

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Hello --
I am sending this message out to promote a her request for a small donation to one of our high school science teachers who has posted a request on DonorsChoose.org  This is a non-profit agency that allows ONLY classroom teachers to post individual classroom needs and allows donors to review and choose exactly what they want to support.  

The details of the product and price/vendors are included; once the goal is reached, Donors Choose will purchase the product and ship it directly to the teacher. 

Please take a look at this website and consider a small donation toward this cause.  DonorsChoose will double all contributions given  through March 19.   Just type  BLOOM  into the box that says match code on the payment screen.


In order keep the number of emails I send you to a minimum, I add this unrelated message.  In order to keep the alumni page on the school website relevant and interesting, I would love to get
-- memories of Central Linn
--pictures (old or current)

The alumni page on the website is at:  http://www.centrallinn.k12.or.us/community/alumni/index.php



new photo

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I am putting up new photos from the reunions so please send me some or you can put them there.


Our high school is on facebook.com

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Please visit and “Like” the new Central Linn School District
Facebook page.



1966 Reunion

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Weekend of the 20th in august.  Please contact me for more information.


1991 Reunion

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20 year Class Reunion for the class of 1991!

    Date: July 23, 2011   Time: 5pm to 9:30pm
    Location: Cloud 9, Restaurant in Corvallis, Oregon
    Dinner starts at 6pm.

    For questions, please contact Keri at keriann99@msn.com.


Our old school needs some help.

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Technology Fund Established

April 2011

Dear Alumni and Friends of Central Linn,

New Oregon Dept. of Education standards require all students be proficient in the use of technology by the end of the 8th grade.  This puts Central Linn in somewhat of a Catch-22 situation: we support the goal, but don’t have the financial means to purchase the necessary equipment. To reach proficiency, we must get equipment into the classrooms for students and teachers to access on a daily basis

Document cameras are standard equipment in most schools–-they function like overhead projectors, but require no transparencies. They project any object in color and 3-D and, with a computer, enable teachers to use web-based teaching material and students to share and present their work using PowerPoint or handwritten materials. One document camera and projector set costs $1,250.00. We need 23 sets to supply all classrooms.

Student computers in classrooms are also needed as many elementary classes get only 30 minutes in the lab once a week. About 30% of our students have no computer at home; making access at school even more critical. A few computers in each classroom would give students daily access and help teachers better serve remedial and gifted students. Three computers and a printer would run about $2,000 per classroom.

Thus, in addition to seeking grants and equipment donations, the District wishes to build a technology fund dedicated to buying classroom equipment.  All donations are tax-deductible. Business or personal dedications can be arranged, if desired. Checks should be made out to Central Linn School District with Technology Fund on the notation line you or you can donate online through the Central Linn website: http://www.centrallinn.k12.or.us/community/alumni/index.php

Thank you for helping Central Linn acquire critical education technology.


more info

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some classes will not even post on the class registration page for some reason.  I guess that they will not believe me that I am not going to post every thing.  All they have to is ask me not to it up there.



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I have about 200 names that I will be putting into the database.  I am still missing a quite few years.  Please contact me on the contact page to send me your years of data.  I have a little over 100 names posted to the database but help is greatly needed.


database list

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We will be putting together a list of all classmates of Central Linn through this site and the school site.  So please register on this site and it will be listed on the school site.  so please help by getting all classmates that you can to register so we can help with the reunions and such.  The school needs help with the track and it has been condemned.

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