Welcome Alums and Guests!

CLHS-Cobras is an alumni site for your information on reunions and gatherings. We would like to give you some information by classes. Please send emails with all of your information about individuals and tell me what year they graduated. Give your reunion information also.:)



Welcome classmates of the past and present. I would like to post all years here in the future but I can not do it by myself. So I am asking for help from you who are my classmates. Please sent emails and snail mail. Or just call me on my cell phone.

PLEASE REGISTER UNDER CLASS REGISTRATION. Please give me this information so I can used it here. But if you do not want me to post the information on this page then I will not. I will just put your name in a special section on your year page.

Send me pictures of your reunion and I will post it on the class photos page.


Please contact me with your reunion for your year.

This web site can be trusted because it mine. (Steve Fruitt- class of 1965) If you have any questions please email me on the contact page. By buying from the following web site you will help me keep this site going. It takes money to keep this site on the webserver.

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